JBL Pro Audio Repair Service and Sales

Phantom Communications is an authorized factory warranty center for JBL Pro Audio. We are authorized for both transducer repair/replacement and electronics. If you have a speaker that needs repaired either drop it off or send it to us. If you believe it is under warranty, you must accompany the speaker with a copy of the original receipt. Even if you already have contacted us via phone, you must include all your contact information with the speaker, including Name, Address, phone numbers, email address, and what problems you are experiencing with the speaker. We strive to diagnose all incoming repair items within 24 hours of their arrival unless the item arrives on a Friday.

We sell all the JBL Pro Audio products but we specialize in the EON speakers and systems. Visit our online sales website for prices and models.

Amusement Industry Parts and Sales

Phantom Communication Systems Inc is an official service center for Galaxy America Mechanical Buils. In addition to providing servce, we also have available a large selection of parts for the Galaxy America units as well as some parts for VIV and Williams bulls. Our online ordering center, Phantomparts.com is your parts direct source. Within the past few years we have expanded our parts offering to include hard to find parts for the Evento World Gotta Go Toilet Racers and Bath tub racers. If you don't find what you need on the parts website, send us an email with your needs. We have a complete electronics shop and can do circuit board level repair. If you have an unusual amusement ride or entertainment item that you need repaired, send us an email and we'll determine if we can help you.